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In summary, we argue that the drivers and barriers towards the adoption of are applicable to the overall market of office productivity software as well. It will most likely be of interest to other organizations that desire to use open source office productivity software.

The adoption of open source office productivity software by public administrations has been studied by a considerable number of studies. However, most of these studies have focused on public administrations who have decided to adopt an open source software solution. In this paper, we have argued that the issue of nonadoption is also worth studying. To this end, we have presented the results of a case study in the FPS Economy that did consider a migration towards, but that eventually decided against this.

Source code of is available online. Third-party developers can develop freely around Key features of which are key to motivate software developers to code around are: Powerful and well-documented API, see API doc (in version 2.0) and Support for major office functions, see section «Support for Document Types» below. Source code is available in one repository for all major platforms: These features of will enable any third-party application to integrate with Software developers are encouraged to reuse the code in for their own projects. In combination with the public OASIS Application Programming Interface (API), this will increase the functionality of LibreOffice and other applications. All source code is available under the license AGPL 2.0; see

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In conclusion, the three public administrations that have chosen to migrate (the FPS Justice, the Brussels Public Administration and the FPS Finance) were able to reach a common decision to adopt after lengthy discussions. All of these decisions were made under a shared vision of openness and interoperability. Consequently, interoperability should be a key factor in the decision-making process concerning the use of In addition, the similarities in the decision-making processes suggest that it is possible to draw conclusions about the drivers of nonadoption by organizations other than public administrations. Future research should focus on the drivers of nonadoption by organizations other than public administrations, and these drivers should include cost reductions, government guidelines and standardization.

The explanation for the eventual adoption of by the FPS Economy could be quite different from what the other public administrations have experienced. In that respect, we might assume that the FPS Economy could have made a different decision concerning the use of Crack For because of the small number of users of the office suite. In that respect, the FPS Economy might be a pioneer on the adoption of by a public administration. This is a hypothesis which, however, is open to discussion, given that we cannot know what decision the FPS Economy would have taken if we had investigated this issue. Moreover, the original hypothesis of the FPS Economy that there was a financial incentive for the adoption of is worth further investigations, as could have been used in a way that could have saved money for the FPS Economy. This might also explain why the FPS Economy decided to use the ODF format and the office suite, instead of using the Microsoft Office suite as is the case with the FPS Justice, the FPS Finance and the Brussels Public Administration. Another explanation could be that the adoption decision was more an ideological decision than a financial decision.

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What is OpenOffice and what is it for

Python API. This file contains some general Python documentation about OpenOffice. The API documentation can be retrieved using the Python IDE Python. Sources of Python documentation

OpenOffice has had a rocky history, but Oracle did not renew Sun’s license, so the Oracle OpenOffice fork now serves as the basis of the LibreOffice project. LibreOffice has grown into a thriving office suite containing most of the features and utilities of

LibreOffice was originally called The Document Foundation. It’s currently known as LibreOffice and is the base for all future development of the open-source version of Office. They have now made a new version and renamed themselves. At some point, you might see us switch back to the “original” OpenOffice.

Keep in mind that LibreOffice is not free, you have to buy a copy of the software for as little as $5.00 (though you can find bigger discounts). The OpenOffice download page is very similar to this, so its not hard to figure out how to get the software.

The fact that OpenOffice is free to use certainly helps. It doesnt cost you anything to download and give it a try. It also lets you use the most popular word processing package available on almost every OS. But it also costs money to maintain. It pays for some of the developers in the community. But LibreOffice (as noted above) is moving along nicely. It wasnt always the case. OpenOffice was the first free full-featured office package in Linux. But LibreOffice has gradually over the years taken up much of the slack. It wasnt always free. But now it is pretty much free (and still has most features), and if you want to come up with a price for it, theres LibreOffice.

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OpenOffice Features

OpenOffice Features

  • File access: Open, save, and save as
  • Drawing/Text/Graphic: Outlines, shapes, characters, text boxes, pictures, clip art, tables, charts, diagrams, and drawing pages
  • Document development: Insert media (audio, video, flash), tables, 3D views, editing, page layout, styles, and more
  • Data entry: Test sheets, formulas, fields, advanced features like VLookup, pivot tables, and data mining (Access)
  • Forms: VBA, macros, and automation
  • Math: Equations, graphs, formulas, and equations
  • Presentations: Slide shows, tables, transitions, audio, and videos
  • Style management: Fonts, borders, color, and other formatting options
  • Spreadsheet: Pivot tables, data management, and more
  • Web: Access and design a website or a webpage
  • Writing: Keynote, scientific writing, publishing, and more

What’s new in OpenOffice

What's new in OpenOffice

  • New icons
  • And a shed load of other stuff which will make you wonder whether OpenOffice is really worth the money for all its ‘features’.

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