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PowerDirector not only has a free version, but an Expert edition of the application as well. This is the version you’ll want to buy if you’re serious about video editing. It includes templates, video editing tools, and other production features, which you get a discount on. If you need even more flexibility, the Pro version gives you access to features not available in the free version. CyberLink does charge a subscription fee to use their software, but it’s fairly reasonable.

The version of CyberLink Director Suite 365 I downloaded was code-named K62. This should come as no surprise, since it’s at the K level for CyberLink’s product version numbering system. I’ve tested version 10.0, and my experience is that it’s not as stable as previous versions, but it’s still usable. It also features some improvements to the application interface, including improved drag and drop for items on the timeline. Support for VFX, which allows you to add effects (e.g., filters, overlays, titles, and transitions) to a video clip, is coming in a future update. The applications have better automated camera tracking and automatic focusing, so you no longer need to manually go back and forth between Camera tab and Focus tab to get your shots right.

The programs in CyberLink Director Suite offer a variety of automatic and manual editing tools. For example, there are options for setting thresholds for audio levels, keyframes for transition moments, and rotation angles for adjusting the overall duration of a clip.

In PowerDirector, where PowerDirector offers the option to delete selected clips with the Shift+Delete keyboard shortcuts, it’s now possible to preview an entire project to be sure you don’t accidentally delete a clip. You can add several clip views, which are explained in the Help file. There’s also an option to display the video in a multi-monitor setup, although it won’t automatically position the clip on the screen.

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The programs make it easy to edit photos and images from your smartphone with Quick Preview at the bottom of the screen. You can simply tap the image to select it, drag it into a square area, or use your mouse to draw a selection. You can rotate the image, flip it vertically or horizontally, or adjust its contrast, saturation, and brightness levels. I tried my hand at editing some photos from my phone but was far from skilled at it. It’s impressive that Director Suite was able to adjust the image to make it suitable for cropping.

CyberLink now lets you adjust the speed of audio via a speed slider. The original version of Director Suite added this ability years ago. It’s still a nice addition. The program also offers a library of voice effects that are fun and playful. You can use them to replace the male voice in most of the trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, for example, and you’ll have fun seeing what it does to a female voice.

I think the biggest trick that Director Suite’s tools do is to make it easy to customize your home movies. In this respect, the program is the equal of professional video editors. I also like the workflow it offers to make the process easier. I experienced a few glitches with some of the recent updates, but a support response couldn’t have been more timely. My favorite thing about the program is its support for 4K content and its effects.

You can get Director Suite 365 as a $69.99-per-year subscription or $19.99-per-month. While CyberLink provides a 30-day trial of the program, it doesn’t provide a trial for the suite. My test was not on a subscription.

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What's new in CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0?

PowerDirector continues to lead the way among consumer video editing software. With each release it gets closer to professional-level apps. There isn’t sufficient room here to discuss its entire vast feature set, including slideshows, disc menus, 3D editing, screen recording, content-aware features, and animated object design tools to name just a few. Its wealth of powerful tools would be enough to earn it a strong recommendation, but the combination of that with extremely fast rendering speed and an intuitive interface really give it the upper hand. The recent addition of a macOS version is yet another feather in its cap. CyberLink PowerDirector remains PCMag’s Editors’ Choice winner for enthusiast-level video-editing software, along with Corel VideoStudio and, for Mac users, Apple Final Cut Pro.

The test movie (whose duration is just under 5 minutes) took just 1:15 (minutes:seconds) for PowerDirector to render. Pinnacle Studio took a minutely faster 1:12. Market leader Adobe Premiere Elements was in the bottom quarter of performers with 4:01. That’s even after I switched my graphics card to one that Premiere Elements explicitly supports. During rendering, PowerDirector also shows you the time elapsed, time remaining, and the frame in the movie the process is currently rendering, a great help if you want to know how long a job to expect.

Create and edit in 3D space: PowerDirector is an ideal tool for video editing in 3D space. With its 3D and advanced particle effects, you can create 3D Blu-Ray discs, edit in 3D space, and create 3D transitions and special effects with 3D drawing tools. CyberLink’s own 3D Studio Max app can be used to save the project in 3D.

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  • Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10
    Windows Server 2003 SP1/ 2008 SP1/ 2008 R2
  • 32-bit or 64-bit processor
    RAM: 256 MB or More
  • HDD: 23GB or More
  • Additional Notes:3GB of free space before installing the trial version

  • Several bug fixes.

  • Improved Smart Shot for smartphone videos, including auto-smoothing and combined/screen capture mode

  • Auto-fire for images

  • Enhanced Smart PDF viewer

  • Auto-bracketing for video and stills

  • New 3D Effects for lens flare and vignette

  • Enhanced photo editing

  • New Icons

  • Startup Optimizer

  • Solidworks.sld format import

  • DSLR raw capture and import

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