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CyberLink PowerDVD lets you play your Full HD videos instantly on your mobile device. With its amazing and easy-to-use interface, you can enjoy your videos and music anywhere without having to worry about internet, etc. That’s why cyberlink powerdvd 14 ultra crack is the most convenient way to enjoy your personal content or hit share on the go.

CyberLink PowerDVD sits in your PC and contains all your files. So you can be entertained almost anywhere. The apps share files with your smartphone or tablet. You can move files between your PC and your smartphone or tablet and CyberLink PowerDVD. You can even instantly watch movies on your smart TV. The number of times youve shared your files with others keeps growing.

The software is a powerful tool for PCs users. It provides more fun and convenience for them to watch digital media than ever before. PowerDVD lets you drag and drop your files to watch and listen online. You can share movies with your friends, family, and via email. An intuitive interface is easy to use and navigate, or you can find content directly on the PC.

– Ultra HD Blu-ray playback: The new cyberlink powerdvd 14 ultra crack works with the latest HDMI 3.0 interface and supports the latest Blu-ray discs using UHD BIT FOUR (4K Ultra High Definition).

– WiFi streaming: For the first time, you can stream videos or music via your home network. The home network can connect two PCs to the same PowerDVD.

amsung, Windows, iOS and Android. From casual streaming and OTT VOD playback to virtual collections and smart home management, PowerDVD offers a complete media solution for the home theater. For example, the Samsung-powered version supports the premium Samsung SmartThings for Home Automation. This enables users to control their home’s lighting, temperature and other home appliances with voice commands or using the Web, while also providing visual notifications photo feed on their TV screen. “

The latest version of PowerDVD offers convenient HomeAutomation functions. You can now share friends and family’s media collections directly from PowerDVD for easy streaming of photos, music and video files, or even virtual movie viewing parties.

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The same content displayed on a 4K TV would be no better than the original displayed on a 1080p TV. For this reason, the company has added support for 8K video, in which each line of pixels is represented by 8,000 tiny dots to create a wide array of ultra-high-resolution content. The 8K content on CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra is “locked” to enable these benefits, but you can view the 8K content from within the app itself using the Surround Screen Zoom feature.

The support for two-channel (surround) audio lets you create virtual 5.1-channel audio. With a surround sound setup, you hear the sound coming from both the left and right speakers, unlike standard Dolby atmos that only delivers the center channel. cyberlink powerdvd 14 ultra crack lets you identify which audio is being sent to which speakers in the default 5.1 configuration, in the event you change the 5.1 audio to Dolby Atmos.

Cinelicious allows you to add YouTube and Dailymotion videos to your media library. One of its main functions is to showcase your videos, whether you own a subscription or not.

The full main feature of PowerDVD is its frame-rate settings, which enable you to choose the number of frames displayed each second, and the frame rate of the video. This makes the video look smoother, with the option of playing videos at the normal frame rate, at double or triple the normal rate, or in “super” mode, so that the difference between frames is much less – so at one-and-a-half, double, or triple times the normal frame rate.

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CyberLink is at the forefront of delivering a Blu-ray media player that surpasses the competitors. PowerDVD has evolved to take advantage of new technologies and features like 8K and 8K XAVC and other latest high resolution Blu-ray discs. In CyberLink PowerDVD 20, you can watch, play, convert and share all video and audio files in any format and dimension, even 4K H.265 HEVC (H.265) and UHD Blu-ray discs.

You can even enjoy your favorite movie, TV show or music streamed from various streaming video services using a powerful Smooth Streaming engine. CyberLink’s latest PowerDVD is also Wi-Fi ready and can be operated from a home network or using its own Wi-Fi hotspot. PowerDVD can easily be synchronized with the owner’s SMB file system with support for Plex.

In addition to all those good news, PowerDVD 20 comes with several new features to make users’ life easier than ever. It offers advanced media management tools such as batch processing, smart timeline for audio/video playback, media swap, and media export, and social media features like content sharing, commenting, and tagging.

CyberLink also introduced a new player for all the latest social networking platforms and broadband live streaming video. Support for live streaming, multimedia, and augmented reality on Windows Mixed Reality enables you to seamlessly enjoy your favorite content from various streaming video services, and even VR platforms like Oculus and VR support for YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. As with all CyberLink products, PowerDVD 20 is built using the best technologies to deliver the most feature rich media player software to date, in a powerful, reliable, and stable package.

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So we know what PowerDVD can do, but what does it mean for the everyday consumer? It’s easy to see why PowerDVD is such a popular choice for many home theatre enthusiasts. The program is packed with features, and you can download a free 30-day trial to see how it works for you. Users can watch movies, TV shows, sports, games, and a plethora of other media files, using virtually any device. You’ll need a HDD of some description though to get maximum performance. You’ll need a computer with at least 2GB RAM, and ideally 4GB RAM. This should be plenty for running PowerDVD but if you think your computer might struggle you might want to check out the PowerDVD 21 review too.

CyberLink are constantly working to bring you the latest firmware and software updates, so make sure you keep up to date with what’s happening by subscribing to the newsletter below:

I can think of a few people (like myself) who will love the idea of having your home cinema setting in an application on your PC, so there’s no need to leave the couch. It’s certainly a feature that should be considered for many, so it is always good to know what it does.

PowerDVD offers a wide selection of online streaming content, which can be accessed directly from within the software, including services such as Vudu, NetFlix, Amazon, Hulu and Blinkbox.

You can interact directly with your movies in a useful manner as well. When you double-click the movie you get a complete movie with zero wait for it to load, and you can use the full-screen mode and minimize the program to do more with your movies.

CyberLink PowerDVD Review

When it comes to buying software, it’s often a case of buyer beware. While the box art for cyberlink powerdvd 14 ultra crack 8 contains a bold statement about features, you have to dig a little deeper for the real version. As it turns out, this software has rather a lot, and is very easy to use. PowerDVD allows you to access content from more than just devices connected to your computer, including those from your phone and Smart TV. You can access it across multiple devices, and it can be used as a remote player on your TV. CyberLink’s software is a very simple to use and easy to navigate tool. The interface is intuitive, and we found it very easy to find our way around.

While it’s not required, we recommend installing the CyberLink Video Converter Plus 2.2, as it lets you convert to a range of other file types, including Quick Time, AVI and WMV. Even without that add-on, you can’t be stuck on your content (up to ten of them at a time) however, as PowerDVD has playback control. You can go to the Movie Library and select any file, and it’ll start playing the clip from any device in any location. We tested this with a Smart TV, computer and iPad, and it worked perfectly each time.

Unlike other Blu-ray players that use a fairly traditional menu-based navigation system, CyberLink has opted for a peer-to-peer system that is unlike anything we’ve ever used. It’s reminiscent of the Xbox Kinect for PC games controllers. You walk up to your TV and tell it to play this movie or you ask it to pause it and it will have to say yes or no as you move it around the room.
This might be confusing to some at first – and that’s probably why CyberLink has come up with a very big FAQ page to offer guidance.

There are no buttons on your TV. There’s no need for any either. To play the disc, you simply press a “trackball” that sits on the ceiling and it starts playing the disc. It will only continue to “read” if you hold down the trackball, not exactly what you’d imagine from a disc player. You can also use your thumb to create a selection. Pressing with the palm of your hand cycles the selection, and with your fingers traces a line through the movie on a central trackball, in the same way you would a piece of software.
Both of these seem OK – but it’s strange to see people using them in the first place. It does mean that you can’t pick up your PS3 and pretend to be on the sofa in front of it – but it also doesn’t feel like you’re playing a disc when you use the PowerDVD software.

What it does mean, though, is that if you want to use PowerDVD for Blu-rays, you might actually want to invest in a flight case to put it in. CyberLink says it’s normal for some discs to get bigger but even with the case the disc stays at around 2.2GB. That’s higher than standard DVD and higher than the smallest Blu-ray discs in the shape of some camcorders, which are the bane of having a CD player.

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CyberLink PowerDVD Description

PowerDVD is a comprehensive media player for a desktop PC and it looks it. PowerDVD features a super slick interface with a clear folder structure, thumbnail view of content and controls that act efficiently on compatible laptop screens and high definition displays. While it can do a lot, PowerDVD is also mighty easy to use. For instance, there’s no menu structure to clatter through just to quickly start a movie and by the same token, you don’t have to download more codecs before you can watch something of value. A search function, helps you find anything, even standard Web sites, no matter the media,

Moreover, PowerDVD includes a high speed disc burner. You get the ability to burn on disc up to 4 times your computer’s internal disc drive speed. Burn a disc with up to two hours of high definition audio and video straight to disc.

PowerDVD allows you to make slideshows and play slideshows too, all with a handy built-in timeline and with some really cool gallery templates. It’s a competent multimedia player with a few interesting features, and it’s priced reasonably too. The user interface isn’t the best in the business but it does work effectively and CyberLink have crammed it full of features.

CyberLink PowerDVD is a powerful media playback application available as a stand-alone player, or as a plug-in component for Windows Media Player 11.

PowerDVD Ultimate 21 lets you quickly search media for something you want to watch. And no matter what kind of video you enjoy, you can find hundreds of options to play or convert it. PowerDVD Ultimate 21 is the first version with 7digital Music Store. Make the most of the large music library with easy-to-use Music Store and lots of features.

POWERDVD is a powerful media player, developed by CyberLink. It can convert between most audio and video formats. With POWERDVD, youll be able to download music from 7digital Music Store. PowerDVD lets you enjoy digital music like never before. For more options, visit the software reviews.

PowerDVD Ultimate 21 lets you quickly search media for something you want to watch. And no matter what kind of video you enjoy, you can find hundreds of options to play or convert it. PowerDVD Ultimate 21 is the first version with 7digital Music Store.

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PowerDVD’s TrueTheater HD enhancements upscale standard definition DVD and video to crystal-clear 720p and 1080p high definition. Whether you’re watching standard definition video on your computer, or playing a high definition Blu-Ray disc, your content comes alive with crystal-clear detail. Watch movies and TV shows with the highest quality visuals at home.

The latest edition of PowerDVD includes Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc support for playback of multiple Blu-ray discs at the same time. With Premium 3D playback, you can watch your home videos or your favorite 3D movies in their full glory for a more immersive entertainment experience.

Smart audio technology learns which track is most dominant in a movie and delivers the best audio quality settings for that particular audio track. Additionally, it analyzes your personal preferences and adapts to deliver the optimal audio output for each track. Whatever way you like to watch and listen, PowerDVD delivers optimal audio quality.

Rounding out the best new features in PowerDVD 20, CyberLink has updated its UI, introduced social media sharing (via CyberLinks sharing app for iOS and Android), added HD upscaling to TrueTheater, and cloned other aspects from CyberLinks other products. For example, all of the social media sharing options work in PowerDVD, and the UI is much cleaner and easier to navigate.

Price: PowerDVD is available now from NewEgg and its price is $49.99. Cyberlinks other products can be purchased separately, too. The mobile apps PowerDVD Companion and PowerDVD Companion are free (via in-app purchases).

Our Score: Wow, I just got PowerDVD for the first time in years. Wow. I tried it last night and was blown away. One of the best free media players Ive played for a while. If you want an HD, multi-platform, free media player, this is the one. Give it a go, and let me know what you think. Cheers.

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PowerDVD boasts a powerful set of multimedia tools that are the best of breed on any personal or home PC. PowerDVD integrates for you to be able to play, create, edit, share or stream your digital media. To get started with PowerDVD, download and install the newest version from the CyberLink website.

PowerDVD also provides many of the advanced tools that you may need to stream, share, backup or edit your content. When it comes to photo editing, you can easily remove unwanted objects in videos and photos that are effortlessly brought into your projects.

As advertised, this is a movie player and video converter. Its designed primarily for on the go viewing, and more specifically, its for that. Cyberlink isnt a movie theater, nor does it provide any sort of movie rental service.

PowerDVD does contain an interesting list of media players and technologies behind the scenes, and you can dig deep to find some cool information. One of them, for example, is called Media Engine, and allows for one-file media editing and conversion without the need for any external software. What you get instead of a standalone media player is an engine to do it with.

Media Engine is also integrated in to Cyberlink Media Manager, with the ability to organize and rearrange files inside of that software, and have it also sort your collections. Your files appear in a folder, just like with any other folder, and you can navigate to the name of it, and then expand it to see whats inside.

Another interesting aspect in PowerDVD is its ability to take your own media and convert it, then output it in to a device friendly format. A big time saver, especially with bitrates such as mine (AVCHD), which are compressed quite heavily, but often occur with size/quality tradeoffs. File conversions take time, and you have to have the correct software or drivers to do so, plus youre bandwidth and space on your hard drive.

Overall, PowerDVD isnt that complex or overwhelming. The help file is well written, concise, and contains a list of everything that you can do with the software, what the various menus are, and where to find more.

Cyberlink is taking a risk by removing the UAC prompt from this one, but I find it to be a risk well worth taking. Having to enter a password on a movie converter or media manager is just a nuisance, and if you have to enter that every time you want to use one of those products, there is a chance you wont use them.

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  • Once Upon a Time, a 4K & 200Hz Video Player
  • HD Video Transcoding with advanced optimization
  • Camera support with audio and image capturing functions
  • View from your smartphone or tablet
  • Camera Remote
  • Automatically convert to a compatible format
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Playback and Share Videos in Social Network
  • Easy to use with intuitive interface
  • 15 Languages
  • Easily share videos to YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Fire TV Stick support
  • Video Properties
  • PowerDVD Autosize

  • Download and install CyberLink PowerDVD.
  • The program is installed to its default installation directory. If you want to change the installation directory to a new location, go to PowerDVD’s “Programs” tab. There you will find “Program settings” button, open it. If your destination location is not listed in this box, just type the new directory in the box and press the “Set as default” button. Then, press the “OK” button to close the box and save the new settings.
  • To use PowerDVD, simply double-click its icon on the desktop or press the Windows key and type “PowerDVD”. A menu will appear with the main features of PowerDVD. Select a feature and press the “Play” button to open the program.
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